Candy Shooter 3

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Candy Shooter 3 Game Online - Play Free Fun Bubble Shooter Games

Candy Shooter 3 is the third incarnation of the Candy Shooter games and it has truly come very far. The design is such that it amazes and makes you feel elated when you are playing it. The bubble shooter game has the most amazing animations that you will ever see in a game of this nature. The story begins when you open the game and you see the field filled with candy. A lorry is parked at the bottom right hand corner. On the left side there are statistics which will tell you how many candies you have collected, the level and the score. When you begin playing, you will, of course, match 3 similar candies in order to get them removed. The beauty here is that the candies will get out of the field, and land at the bottom of the game, where the lorry will now come and collect all the candy that you have removed. This is fascinating and you shall truly enjoy playing the free online bubble shooter game. The accuracy of the canon at the bottom is stunning. You do not get any wavering and this makes it easy to play the free online game. Candy Shooter 3 comes with several levels and you should try and achieve them all. It is fascinating just how different this game is from the original. The types of candies have not changed much, but the game and its animations surely have; it is an absolute delight to play. Take up the challenge and play Candy Shooter 3 and see how far you can get. Do not let the candies come down and touch the bottom because the game will come to an end. As you proceed with the levels you can expect faster movement from Candy Shooter 3. Have Fun!

How to play Candy Shooter 3 game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

A piece of Candy in your Life

A lot can be said about the diets that people take, but it has emerged that candies are almost universal. Every one has had a piece of candy in their lives; it is the stuff that children live for. They will pester you when you are at the store until you capitulate and but some candy for them. It is almost a forgone issue that if you go to the mall with the kids, they will want candy and other sweet stuff. You should also take an interest in sweet stuff and begin indulging just a little bit. Do not worry, today there are healthy candies that will not eat away at your teeth or ruin your diet. All you have to do is get information on where you can purchase healthy candies. However, before you do, you should try your hand at Candy Shooter 3, a free online bubble shooting game. The game will make you want to run to the store to get some candy. The entertaining part of it is in the design of the game; it is fantastically put together and you will definitely appreciate the extra effort that the developers put so you could have so much fun.

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