Beads Puzzle

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Beads Puzzle Game Online - Play Free Fun Bubble Shooter Games

A harmonious melody invites you to enter the world of Beads Puzzle. You can start this very wild bubble shooter puzzle splendor very simply: Decide whether you want to go the easy, the normal or maybe the hard way of victory. What do you think you are capable of? Choose your Beads Puzzle and then your fast paced mission through a variety of different and creatively designed levels starts already. Small bubbles form on the top of the screen. Now, we see if your choice was right! Because the bubbles move rapidly to the lower side of the screen. And that is what you have to avoid at all costs! Move the arrow, which is located on the lower ball, with your mouse and shoot the colored bubbles into the appropriate position. If you have three of the same color in one place, the bubbles burst. Then you have won a little time, but that is no reason to lie down now and be lazy. Take good care, while you fire your bubbles! One wrong move, and before you know it you are standing close to a shameful defeat. Watch the beads change their color, they can save you. Simply shot at a critical point, numerous beads dissolve and you can keep fighting for the round win. With Beads Puzzle, you experience different missions. Just fractions of a second decide whether you can advance or have lost after all. Here you must keep your eyes open, because if you blink even just once, things can end rather badly. Pay close attention to where you shoot your bubbles and battle your way through the many levels of this exciting and attractive bubble shooter game. On the left side, you have an overview of your points and as such you can always know if you were able to break your current high score in this round. Have Fun!

How to play Beads Puzzle game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Puzzles Calls for Logical Reasoning

We all know the beloved puzzles. A game of patience for the whole family, which also calls for logical reasoning. The difficulty of a puzzle can be affected by different criteria: In addition to the number of puzzle pieces, color features, such as various levels of contrast or only tiny color nuances, can make such a construct into a real challenge. How a puzzle is designed is left to the inventor. For example, 3D puzzles or computer-simulated versions of this game are a great change from the traditional version. Regardless of which option is preferred, a puzzle is always connected with a lot of fun as well as variety.

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