Winter Match

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Winter Match Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Bejeweled Games

Winter is a time of patterns, even if the whole terrain looks blank in white. It is well documented that no snowflake is like another. Each flake when examined under a microscope is as distinct as the fingerprint of a human being. However, for purposes of making an interesting free online bejeweled game, you can assume that it is possible for 2 or more flakes to be identical. In this bejeweled game, you are supposed to match 3 or more flakes of the same color so as to remove them from the board. The scoring system in this fun online game follows a unique pattern. For each play that you make, you are awarded 10 points for every flake of the same color that you remove, for each flake. Bow that may sound a bit confusing so here is an explanation. If you remove 3 flakes of the same set, you will get 10 multiplied by 3, for each flake. This means that you will get 30 points for each flake, brining the total to 90 points. If you remove 4 flakes, then you will get 40 points for each flake, brining the total to 160 points. In this fun kids game you can also make combos, which come about when the flakes falling into the empty spaces left by the flakes that you have removed, also form 3 or more flakes of the same type. However, rather than multiply the score geometrically, the combos still follow the same scoring system as the flakes that you had removed initially. So if you make a combo that has 5 flakes, you will get 50 points multiplied by 5 tiles, which comes to 250 points. This fun bejeweled game also has a timer and you are supposed to make as many points as you can within 3 minutes. Have Fun!

How to play Winter Match game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Get as Many Points as Possible in 3 minutes

3 Minutes is all that you have to make as many points as you can in this free online bejeweled game that has a winter theme. Even if no two snowflakes are the same, this free online game says that there are and you have to believe that this can be so, Anyhow, you are supposed to match 3 or more flakes in order to remove them from the board. Given that Winter Match is a timed game, you should try and be very observant, so you can get the high score. However, when you stop for a while, the game flashes two flakes, which you can exchange to create a removable set. One thing you should note is that the Winter Match game uses the same scoring system, whether you make combos or not. However, the value of the flakes is dependent on how many they are in the set you have created. If they are 3 then each flake is worth 30 points. If they are 4, then the flakes are worth 40 points etc. The same will remains true even if you make combos. This is perhaps why the bejeweled kids game does not have a target but challenges you to score the most that you can in the 3 minutes that you have.

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