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Sworbs Gems Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Bejeweled Games

Sworbs is the gems free online jewel game for those who love strategy games. It gives you a threshold that you must achieve. Although the level will be determined by 4 differed gems, or Sworbs, there are other gems which deplete your life when you match them and others which cut down the time left to play the game. There are also other gems that will give you more life, and extra bonuses. This is the ultimate strategy game, when it comes to this genre of free online games. Note that the time given to play the game is given in terms of life. After every minute, you will notice that you lose one life. However, you can buy life using the Sworbs that you have collected. You can see the cost just below the button marked “Buy Life”. You can also collect and buy bonuses by plying the stars. You can also buy gems. Apart from the rules of removing gems from the board, you now have to think about how to play it so you last long. You have to know how to collect the Sworbs that will give you the best advantage when it comes to buying things like life. Sworbs is a fun bejeweled game where you have to remove the items as fast as possible and also learn how to use them to your advantage. There is a point where you can remove all the skulls from the game. This is a risky move and you should only consider it when you are in dire need. Removing the skulls is the most expensive purchase that you will have to do. See how good you are at playing the free online game; see if you can be a strategist even when under pressure. These are the type of games that managers should play in their free time. Have Fun!

How to play the Sworbs game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Expect a Myriad of Challenges and objectives

The challenging nature of free online gems games has been exemplified in Sworbs; a free web game that will have you wondering what decision to make next. This is a bejeweled game with a myriad of challenges and objectives; twists and turns. You will use the rule of matching 3 or more gems to get them out of the game. Combos are also a good thing since they give you more Sworbs to use as currency. However, you should be aware of three crucial issues. Tine, which is represented in terms of life; you can add this by buying it using more Sworbs. It is best that you learn the price of life, so that you add on it whenever you can. Secondly, there are special features that will increase or decrease the time, or life, that is available to you. These also cost you some of the Sworbs that you have collected. Finally, you have a threshold to achieve before you move to another level, and you may not achieve this if you are too slow, and have to keep buying life with the few Sworbs that you have collected. You have to be very fast, and think quickly if you want to advance much in this fun bejeweled game.

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