Shape Matcher 2

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Shape Matcher 2 Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Gems Games

When looking for a challenging free online bejeweled game, then Shape Matcher 2 is a good choice. The Shape Matcher 2 game is very informative and you see what your options are even as you try to beat the challenge. In the game, you are supposed to remove the cement clocks from the board. The only way to do this is to remove the gems that are sitting on top of the blocks; you have to match these gems to two more of the same kind. This is the main determinant of whether you will go to the next level. However, apart from removing the bocks, you are also expected to make some points so that you can score high, eventually. You have to balance between these two objectives in order to win. As you play Shape Matcher 2, the removal of sets that have more than 4 gems will result in special gems. One which can remove gems in the same row and columns, and another that can remove gems in a 3X3 grid. These gems can be matched by any other pair of gems so you should not fear to use them. You have 3 minutes in which to get the blocks out, so you should keep an eye on the sliding time indicator at the top right hand corner of the game. You should also keep an eye on the indicator showing how many blocks are still left for you to break. In Shape Matcher 2 you will earn more points if you do complete the game quickly. The faster that you get rid of the gems, the higher your bonus points will be. Shape Matcher 2 is the kind of free online game that you play when you want to learn more about coming up with strategies. The speed that you will need to work with and plotting how to get rid of the bricks will sharpen your game-play. Have Fun!

How to play Shape Matcher 2 game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Move Gems Towards a Certain Point

Shape Matcher 2 is a game that is designed for those who want to learn how to come up with strategies required for exception play in free online jewel games. Most people will play a game that allows them to remove the jewels and move up the levels without any other challenge. This soon becomes mundane, and they begin looking for challenges. Here is a free online kids game that will truly challenge you. This is not just about earning points, but it is about learning how to move gems towards a certain point. You find that some of the gems are in corners where they cannot be moved; you have to bring a pair to their corner so that you can remove the cement block from the board. Shape Matcher 2 is a fun kids game where you have to think three moves ahead, and do so fast. The timer at the top right of the game should give you an indication of how much time you have left. The bock counter will also tell you how many are left, and this is great for those who have problems viewing the blocks. Shape Matcher 2 is an online game that every player, who wants to go above being average, to try, and see how he or she will fare.

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