Puzzling Rush

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Puzzling Rush Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Bejeweled Games

Puzzling Rush is a free combination game that requires to click on different symbols adjacent to each other on the board so as to make combinations of three. This is a fierce battle of survival as you take the avatar of a human, ork, or an elf and train your armies to take on the armies of the opponents. Lead your army valiantly and go into the battlefield to make the combinations so as to earn the badges and ammunition for your men. One the screen above the board, you see the battlefield that reflects your progress and performance at the board. Be quick and alert to look for the possible combinations of similar symbols to make them vanish from the board and survive in the battle a bit longer. As you burst symbols, you earn points as well as health, ammunition, and guard for your men in the battlefield. Earn the swords for your soldiers to help them beat the enemies. Your only chance to complete the levels and stay ahead of the opponents is to quickly click on the adjacent symbols and try to make as many combinations as possible. Puzzling Rush is one kids bejeweled game that has been made more interesting by the addition of 3 different armies and the feature of arms and ammunition. Have Fun!

How to play Puzzling Rush game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Take part in an Ancient Time Battle

If you are tired of playing similar match 3 games and started to dislike the genre itself, how about having an army that you control and fight against other armies in a kids video game? Yes, choose your avatar as a commander of human beings, ork, or even elfs in this exciting matching game. Make the combinations by quickly clicking on the screen to earn arms and ammunition for your army to stay ahead of the opponents in this fast paced bejeweled matching game. Go back to the ancient times and take part in a battle that your people can win only if you are quick and alert.

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