Kitty Town

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Kitty Town Gems Game Online - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Games

Kitty Town is a great game for those who love cats. It is a free online gems game, and you are supposed to get as many of them out of the board as you can, within two minutes. When it comes to time, the time which you had left in previous levels will be added to the time of the new level. So if you complete a level and have 30 seconds left, they will be added to the two minutes given for the next level. The fun bejeweled game also comes with special features which allow you to score more points. You can get a bomb when you match 5 gems in a row. This bomb will then be used to clear a 3x3 area when you match it once again to a kitten of its color. There are times when you will find a kitten that has a chain on it; this gem cannot be moved and you have to match it with others of it type so it can be released. They are used to block channels in some of the games, where there is more than one board, and they are linked by a single space. When you encounter this, the gems above cannot move to the spaces below so when you remove kittens in the lower board, the empty spaces are left blank and will not be filled until the chained kitten is set free. The fun bejeweled game has other special features and challenges that will make it very enjoyable to play. You clear one level when all the tiles below the kittens are removed. This means that you must have a strategy to clear the tiles in the given minutes while making the most in terms of points. Do not let it come too close, or else you may fail to remove all the tiles in time. Have Fun!

How to play Kitty Town game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

A Great Bejeweled Game for those who love Cats

For those who love kittens, and other pets, this is a great game for you. You are to remove the kittens from the game. This game comes with challenges that you would not encounter elsewhere. All the boards in the levels are different and there may be some obstruction that you must go around in order to remove all the tiles from the game. It is based on the free online jewel games where you have to remove tiles found behind the gems before you can proceed to the next level. Removal of the tiles needs a delicate balance between the urge to earn points and the goal of moving to the next level. There is a timer that you have to keep on checking so you do not get time-barred while you are still enjoying making combos. Free online jewel games require that you make a matching set of three or more identical ones and the same applies here; however, if you can get five then you get a bomb which you can use to clear 9 other gems. This is something that you should keep in mind when you are matching gems. See how far you can go when playing this lovely free online bejeweled game.

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