Gold of Knights

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Gold of Knights Gems Game - Play Free Fun Bejeweled Games Online

Free online bejeweled games come in many forms and variations, and Gold of Knights is one such surprise. In this game, you are supposed to make matching pairs of three or more gems in order to have them removed from the game; this is similar to all gems games. However, the grid in this fun bejeweled game is composed of a honeycomb of triangles. You move the gems by rotating them around the triangle. When you form a set of three at the points of the triangle, then they are removed and the space in between the three points turns into gold. This is great; but you have to turn the full grid into gold before you can move on to the next level. Another feature has been added to make it more challenging; there is a timer in the game and you have to beat it so that you proceed to the next level; if it gets to zero and you have not completed filling the grid with gold, then you have to start all over again. When the gems are removed, those that fall into place can form new sets, and these will also be removed; this is a combo score and it earns you more points. You should use combos to fill out the grid faster. Other features include bombs, lightning and shuffling. These help in removing more gems, or rearranging the gems in the grid. All of these can be used to remove more gems and make progress easier. This is a free online gems game that will baffle you at first, but you will soon get a hang of it and know how to tackle it. Make sure that you protect the gold in your chastely by shoring it up in the protective grid of triangles, and you will soon be the victor; something that your king will be very proud of. Have Fun!

How to play Gold of Knights game online

Use your mouse to play this free online game.

Be a Knight and protect the Hidden Gold in the Castle

Knights are said to be brave and honorable and they were the ones who were tasked with the security of any Kingdom, City, or Village. The knights were especially trained to be formidable soldiers. One has heard tales of some of the exploits of knights in the olden times. Now you have been given the chance to be a knight and protect the gold that is hidden in the castle. You master, the king, requires this of you, without any doubt, so you have to shape up and protect the gold. There is a fierce battle as marauding raiders try and enter the castle so they can steal the gold, but you and the other knights have put up a brave battle. However, you are soon left on your own to protect a vulnerable point on the castle wall, so you have to fight to your utter best in order to stop the enemy from getting into the castle and surprising everyone, and thereby making away with the gold. This is a fantastic free online bejeweled game in which you try your best to keep the castle safe. You only do so by progressing up the levels when you attain the goals of each. Match the gems in groups of three or more and attain the task for each level in order to win.

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