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Elastoman Kids Game Online - Play Most Fun Elastic Online Games

Elastoman to the rescue! Can you save kidnapped citizens across the city? Can you bounce them to safety? Are you the right bouncy dude for the job? You're primary objective is to bounce your way around the city saving the tied up people. The people can be seen as yellow dots in your crime fighting map. Once your done rescuing all the people, make your way to the helicopter to escape. Watch out for criminals intent on your destruction. You can't hurt the criminals, but they can surely hurt you. See if you can complete all 10 levels. Have Fun!

How to play Elastoman game online

Use your mouse to play this online kids game. Click, drag and release mouse to move Elastoman.

Elastoman is an Amazing Superhero

Most people familiar with superheros have most likely not even heard about Elastoman. He was inspired by body-benders Elastoman was invented as superhero protecting the world against dangerous villains and criminals. Elastoman is all about bouncing around the city and rescuing people from dangerous situations. His bendability and crime fighting skills makes him a true superhero.

What is the Most Elastic Material in the world?

Elastoman is a very elastic avatar, and that might make you wonder what is he made off? According to WikiPedia elasticity is the ability of a body to resist a distorting influence or deforming force and to return to its original size and shape when that influence or force is removed. If the material is elastic, the object will return to its initial shape and size when these forces are removed. The physical reasons for elastic behavior can be quite different for different materials. Most materials which possess elasticity in practice remain purely elastic only up to very small deformations. The most elastic material in the world was artificially produced and is a type of Alginate-Polyacrylamide based hydrogel. The material can be stretched upon 20 times its length and still regains its original shape. Do you think elasticity is interesting, and want to do something fun. Do you like adventure games for kids, and do you also enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Elastoman game online right now.

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