Caravan Adventure

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Caravan Adventure Game Online - Play Free Fun Kids Adventure Games

The aim is to drive a caravan and try to park it perfectly in its parking lot. Sounds easy? Give it a try and check how quickly you can do it. You have to park the caravan in the area between the trees marked in pink. Remember that you have to get the trailer in the marked region. Have Fun!

Play Caravan Adventure game online for free today

Do you have few minutes on hand, and want to something fun. Do you like adventure games for kids, and do you also enjoy to play a free online game? If you are in the same mood as us today, then you probably would like to play the free Caravan Adventure game online right now. Am I correct? ;)

How to play Caravan Adventure game online

Use arrow keys to drive your caravan in this free kids game.

Fun Caravan Facts for Kids

A caravan is a vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for vacation. According to WikiPedia it is usually equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. A recreational vehicle normally includes a kitchen, a bathroom, and one or more sleeping facilities. Less commonly found features are a hot tub, a dining room, a desk, and a vanity closet. They are usually found in RV parks or campgrounds, and can be rented in most major cities and tourist areas. The earliest caravans were used for practical purposes rather than recreation, such as providing shelter and accommodation for people travelling in search of an audience for their art, to offer their services to distant employers, or to reach a new place of abode. In the US, the modern caravan industry had its beginnings in the late 1920s and 1930s (shortly after the advent of the automobile industry), where a number of companies began manufacturing house trailers or trailer coaches, as they were then called. Often, these started out as mom and pop operations, building their units in garages or back yards. One of these early manufacturers, Airstream, is still in business today.

Rent a Caravan and Take your Kids on an Adventure

Kids love going on trips with a caravan, RV or a camper. You as a parent can make it is some special memory they will never forget, why not rent a caravan and head to the Yellowstone National Park. Have the whole family experience the beauty of the nature, and see some wild life. Kids love camping. S'mores, campfires, fishing, swimming, and meeting new friends. Take the family our on a caravan adventure this summer, and make some unforgettable memories. But don't forget to bring your laptop so, you can let them play some of our free online games, when you feel you need a break.

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